Jesse Lacy

"Musical storytelling." - Appetizer Radio
"Music with a cause." - The Herald Times

JESSE LACY is a serial creator: curious and empowering songwriter/composer and founder of ON THE SAVVY—a lifestyle blog for creatives (launching soon), sharing his tips and hacks from performing over 400 concerts across the USA and representing several films and touring acts from both abroad and the USA. He's known for his belief in the process of working together to make progress and achieve dreams. Jesse has also been described as a “musical storyteller” (Appetizer Radio) and "music with a cause" (The Herald Times) because he produces music to inspire passionate people to positively impact our world as they pursue their dreams.

Jesse Lacy experiments with his history in classical, jazz, and pop music when composing solo and for his contemporary singer-songwriter band. He honors the 1970's singer-songwriter tradition, while reflecting contemporary artists: Iron & Wine, Glen Hansard, and Tom Petty. On the back of a successful crowdfunding campaign in 2013, Jesse released his first album (FIRST STEPS). This was followed by a solo tour of the East-Coast consisting of 20 cities in two months. Since then, Jesse has been on many more US tours with acts such as: Mighty Brother, Brittany Gillstrap, Faith Evans Ruch, Lauren Pratt, and many others. 

In 2016, Jesse released a single, PACK OF DOGS, on a compilation album he curated for environmental nonprofit Sustainable Indiana 2016. Other artists on the compilation included: Lily & Madeleine, Carrie Newcomer, Jason Wilber, Krista Detor, Tim Grimm, Mighty Brother, Eric Lambert & Friends, Busman’s Holiday, Tom Roznowski, David Michael Kirk, Gus Moon, Travis Punterelli, Brad Leftwich, Bigfoot Yancy, and The Matchsellers.

Jesse ​Lacy also has been involved in many other projects including: #GivingBack Community Concert Series to help non-profits raise money, managing, booking, and doing publicity for artists and films from all over the world, and a playlist creation and interview blog series called #FridayFeature.

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