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Music industry blogger, playlist curator, and touring DIY musician, Jesse Lacy, is known for his amiable disposition, catchy songwriting, intimate performances, and support of fellow artists.

He experiments with his history in classical, jazz, and pop music when composing solo and for his contemporary singer-songwriter band. Jesse Lacy, honors the 1970's singer-songwriter tradition, while reflecting contemporary artists: Iron & Wine, Glen Hansard, and Tom Petty. He has been awarded with a 2016 Folk Alliance International​ Conference Scholarship and is working on his second full-length album.

After receiving his bachelor's degree in English (poetry) and music from Indiana University, Jesse Lacy invited ten friends to the studio to record. The project quickly grew into his debut album, ‘First Steps’–inspired by Vincent van Gogh's painting of a child taking first steps toward his gardening father.

Following the release on his own father's birthday, Jesse Lacy took his zero-carbon footprint album on a three month East Coast tour, where he performed 16 dates in 13 different cities. After returning to his hometown, Jesse Lacy started working on his second album at Midwest Audio with many talented artists including: Dane Clark (John Mellencamp, James Horner), Wade Van Orman, Sam Loeck, Hoosier Darling, etc.

​​​Away from ​his own songwriting and ​performance, ​Jesse ​Lacy is known for his ​support of fellow artists (as a music industry blogger and playlist curator on Spotify & Youtube) and local non-profits (with his #GivingBack Community Concert Series). He conducts ​interviews with talented songwriters from all around the world​ and features them on his weekly blog​: #FridayFeature. Jesse Lacy is also the founder/administrator of Musicians Stronger Together (#MST), a​ ​​Facebook​ community of folk musicians working together to succeed in the music industry.






(February 02, 2016) Indiana Daily Student - Bloomington, IN FEATURE 
– James Freeborn 

(October 29, 2015) The Herald Times - Bloomington, IN

(April 30, 2015) The Herald Times - Bloomington, IN

 (April 27, 2015) BEAD's Artist of the Week FEATURE


First Steps (2013) 

Appetizer Radio - Craft Music Discovery (FEATURE)

"Emerging folk artist, Jesse Lacy's style of musical story telling is a reflection of legends like Neil Young, Simon & Garfunkel, with a tinge of Ben Folds." - Grant D. Grant (Appetizer Radio)

"To start things off, we'll play a song that exemplifies the musical style of Jesse Lacy which features folk roots, acoustic rhythm piano, acoustic sonority, major key tonality, a vocal-centric aesthetic with a mellow rock instrumentation.” 
- Pandora Online Radio

"Jesse Lacy is simply one of the nicest, most ‘up’ people we’ve featured. This young man always has a great big smile on his face and his music often reflects his optimism and humor as seen through the eyes of a man who is wise beyond his years." 
- Suzette Weakley (Bloomington Songwriter Showcase)

(March 20, 2013) "Jesse Lacy has a soothing and rich voice and is directly connected to his creative self." FEATURE
– Kami Mackin (Indiana Daily Student) / Kevin MacDowell (Kid Kazooey)

Incredibly Promising 4/5
Remy S. -2013

"Grassroots singer-songwriter Jesse Lacy is sure to make a bold impression on his debut album First Steps. Lacy's combination of poetic lyricism and softly assertive vocals makes each track both a meditation on youthful hopefulness and coming-of-age nostalgia. His pleasant audial resemblance to Jason Mraz additionally makes his sounds more accessible to those unfamiliar with his work. From the slowly melodic "Nobody Gives It Time" to the amped up never-miss-a-beat energy of "Like I Did," Lacy gives every listener hope for even greater things to come and a hypnotically soothing record to listen to in the meantime."

Unique and Memorable 5/5
Anne S. -2013

 "After listening to First Steps for the first time, I found myself thinking of the lyrics and looking forward to hearing each song again – to me, that’s the sign of a really good album.. Each song is distinct with well-developed character – each like a slice of life, and are all beautifully played. Lacy brings a unique voice to the music world – let’s hope this vibrant first album will be just the start of a full catalog of recordings from this talented artist."

Bold First Steps 5/5
Evan Knox -2013

"Really lovely music. Soothing but upbeat. Jesse draws you into his life and family in a warm way."

Something For Everyone 5/5
Kylie H. -2013

 "Jesse does a great job with having something for everyone. If you want to just relax and listen to something calming or jam out with a group of friends, then he has it all. His music includes amazing vocals, instruments, and beautiful lyrics that help you see his side of things. He is a great artist and you can expect great music from him! I saw him live once in my hometown and he sounded just as good as his CD.... When does that happen?"

Original and Moving 5/5
James *C* -2013

 "On this debut album the singer/guitarist/songwriter Jesse Lacy does more than just takes his "first steps"; indeed, he arrives already with a unique sound and direction for his music. Having recently toured the East Coast for the release of this album which contains his mixture of alt-folk and rock, the songs herein will move you. The slowed down "Better" is an excellent track that Jesse uses to show off his rockin' side. Recommend this album; try it and be moved."